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Project Description

The main goal of the project is to share data generators for Visual Studio Database Edition.


Often database developers face situations which make them to fill database with sample data. There is number of tools on the market that help to automate such kind of tasks. One of them is DBPro (also known as Visual Studio Database Edition, Visual Studio for Database Professionals or code name DataDude). Out of the box DBPro provides generators for the most simple types of the SQL Server. To be honest results is okay only for machines. Sometimes it is good to have something human readable (e.g. generating data for CMS database). Seems there are two solutions. One is using of the Data Bound Data Generator, however it requires configuration of the source (e.g. table with data). Another option is custom generators. Actually the second option is one that will will be given to you with this project.


In short, LoremTextGenerator will generate "Lorem ipsum" text. Longer, this is custom Data Generator that has small engine to generate fake texts. It has special XML format that describe common options, like lengths of the paragraphs, sentences and list of the words. Currently it configured only for "Lorem ipsum", but possibly that in future I will be able to add several other languages.

Results of the generation looks like:

Road map

Currently implemented (v1.0.0.0)

  • Lorem Text Generation;
  • Installer for Visual Studio 2008.

For nearest version I'm planning

  • Installer for both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008;
  • Pluggable languages.

For next versions I'm planning

  • Scriptable generator;
  • XML generator;
  • XML Bound Generator;
  • Web Search Bound Generators;
  • Word Generator.

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